It’s hard to say which aspect is most endearing to fellow m-pacters about Fletcher – his bright, chirpy personality, his incessant singing to himself, or his perfect pitch. Woodshedding his musical skills in the LA session scene since the age of 16, and earning his degree in Music Industry Studies from CSU-Northridge, Fletcher has amassed a wide spectrum of musical experiences that he brings to m-pact.  From overtone singing to wailing scat solos to French chamber music, Fletcher thrives on versatility and pushing the envelope. All endearment and experience aside, Fletcher’s smiling eyes when singing always leave the world a happier place.


Birthday:  August 30

City of Birth:  North Hollywood, CA

High School:  Hamilton Academy of Music

College:  Cal State University, Northridge

Favorite food(s):  French Fries

Favorite movie(s):  Either The Core or Kickboxer

Favorite TV show(s):  Family Guy, House, Kitchen Nightmares

Favorite musician(s):  Gabe Dixon, Donald Fagen, Bela Fleck

Favorite book(s):  Harry Potter Series (I admit it!)

Favorite quote:  "Everything leads to everything." - Sue Sheridan

5 things that make me happy:  My friends, singing, grocery shopping, beach days, the rain

5 things that make me angry:  Inconsiderate/thoughtless drivers, traffic, stupid people, abuse of auto-tune, having to take my shoes off at the airport

5 Guilty pleasures:  Kitchen Nightmares, People's Court, McGriddles, Coldstone's Creamery, Wienerschnitzel...mmmm

Worst job I've ever had:  It wasn't that bad...Telemarketer

Coolest place I've ever been:  Stockholm, Sweden

Coolest place I've never been:  Ireland

Favorite m-pact song:  Higher and Higher

Favorite m-pact gig:  Amazing Voice, Korea

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